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Our Man In Havana - Our Man In Havana

Saturday 20th May 2017, 7.30 for 8.00pm, Tickets £10.00

our man in havanaStane Street Players present
Adapted by Clive Francis

Our Man in Havana tells the story of Wormold, a hapless Hoover salesman unwittingly recruited by the British secret service, who invents a network of fictitious contacts and dispatches diagrams of vacuum-cleaner parts as classified information.

Clive Francis's stage adaptation features a priceless scene in which MI5 mandarins examine the evidence of these supposed weapons of mass de-suction. Yet, as has been recently proved, Greene reported to the British intelligence services until the end of his life. Was he, like Wormold, a spinner of wild fictions masquerading as a spy? Or a spy working under the cover of his fiction?

Francis's adaptation, first seen in 2007, is a fast-moving, four-handed farce that serves the material faithfully, while never squandering an opportunity to send it up.

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