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Emma by DOT Productions

Emma by DOT Productions

Saturday 22nd July, 2017, 7.00 for 7.30pm -  Tickets £12.00

DOT Productions returns with a sparkling new stage adaptation of the Jane Austen classic 'Emma'.

Emma Woodhouse has the world at her fingertips. Life seems pretty good - if a bit boring - and so Emma decides to spice things up by taking on a protege, Harriet Smith. Although determined never to marry herself, Emma immediately decides to find Harriet a husband and sets about playing Cupid with the village men.
When her carefully laid plans unravel and lead to consequences she never expected, Emma learns life doesn't always go the way you want it to!
With its imperfect yet charming heroine and unique view of relationships Emma is often seen as one of Jane Austen's most celebrated works.
In this bicentennial year of Jane Austen, DOT Productions brings its renowned style to 'Emma', a comedy of manners that is sure to delight.

"I grinned until my face hurt, when I wasn't laughing out loud"
"A versatile and very talented cast, hilarious too!"
"Thoroughly captivating, loved it!"

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Emma by DOT Productions
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